If Sophie Luline's work often evokes the delicacy of a sea wave and nature, if they cast reflections of sea beds or ocean spray’s droplets, if they conjure up seaweed, coral or sea anemones, it is because water is the founding element in Sophie's inspiration. Water, the sea and the oceans are an original power, an element which creates life, a vector of energy but also of imagination and peacefulness. Water, an inherently dreamlike primary force, is a benevolent demiurge.

Another original power is clay/the earth. Sophie learnt ceramics at the Beaux-Arts (i.e. French art school). While creating mainly for herself, her work gradually became successful. She has been a member of Ateliers d'art de France for three years and several of her works have been selected for the regional contest.
Sophie works with stoneware and porcelain, which she discovered almost by chance. She loves this subtle, refined material which requires precision and perseverance.
***Une autre puissance originelle est la terre : the EARTH, par opposition à l’élément eau ou il parle de travailler la terre, donc CLAY?
Every designer knows that it is always quite complicated to achieve simplicity and that it takes countless hours of work to attain  the look of randomness and the purity of naturalness.
Sophie celebrates nature and humanity. To achieve this, she uses as few devices as possible, as few tools as possible. For what is important to her is the dialogue between hand and material. The intelligence of the hand, the communion of hand and material.

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